Gayvin Powers has published the first two books in The Adventures of Iona Fay series, is researching the third book (Iona Fay & the Sea Sirens), writing a new series for adults, is a writer-in-residence at the Weymouth Center, taught at Sandhills Community College in Pinehurst and has written over 50 articles, several for the award-winning PineStraw magazine. Currently, Gayvin is on a book tour for Iona Fay Across America in her vintage Airstream trailer while visiting national parks. If you’d like to follow along on her journey, please subscribe for updates (click the link above), follow The Adventures of Iona Fay blog or watch on Sunday nights for the Iona Fay Bedtime Stories on the Facebook group.

childhood gayvin powers by the pool

A believer in the Helen Keller quote, “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” Gayvin earned an MFA from the American Film Institute, BA from the University of Southern California and was the first writer to win the Ojai Film Society Award, presented by Larry Hagman. After the passing of her mother, she began writing with a greater sense of purpose. Iona Fay was written as a love letter to her mother, who passed away when Gayvin was 24. Iona Fay is written as a modern fairy tale, reflecting the loving relationship she shared with her mother and is intended to inspire young readers to believe in themselves.

​More specifically, The Adventures of Iona Fay books are filled with positive and empowering stories, written to inspire self-confidence in middle graders. Throughout the series, young readers go on epic Irish adventures to various fairy realms where Iona discovers more than she imagines about magic, family, friends, and herself.