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Writing Resources


C’est Moi! Gayvin Powers, writer, author and teacher gives tips, insights and tricks into writing for novels, fiction, scripts and articles, specializing in a heroines journey, adaptations and content, character and story development. She finds fun and engaging ways to share writing advice while keeping Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung in mind, focusing on the hero’s journey and archetypes.

The New Screenwriter

Steven Douglas Craig, one of my friends from graduate school at the American Film Institute, is supremely talented in his work and the genius behind The New Screenwriter. SDC says, “Deciding on screenwriting as a career is like committing to walking up hill forever! It’s hard work, long hours, aching muscles, and masochistic. But when you finally reach that peak! Bliss. Mine was that first professional gig – a spec I wrote fell into the hands of a Showrunner on the hit CBS TV series Hawaii Five-O.  Opportunity meeting preparation. And if I can do it, so can you!”

Jane Epenson
A former writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and other episodes of beloved t.v. shows), Jane’s “blog is intended to help new writers tackle the job of writing those all-important spec scripts….”

Joseph Campbell Foundation
Everything associated with Joseph Campbell, the master behind the Hero with a Thousand Faces. A must for any writer who wants to understand the Hero’s Journey, character and motivation.

Pimp My Novel
Dedicated to inside information, tips and steps to creating, polishing and publishing your novel.

A blog by Spiro Skentzos that gives the latest industry tips in screenwriting. How much do I love Spiro? Let me count the ways. He has more talent and grace in his pinky finger than many people hope to have in their entire body. Listen and learn.

Writing World

Entertainment Industry Links

American Film Institute
The famous conservatory’s blog keeps you up to date on all the exciting goings on at AFI, films and industry professionals.

Writers Guild of America, West
For writing questions, registering a script, upcoming events, industry standards, business practices and talks with working professionals, check out the WGA.

Literary Industry Links


Book Ends Literary Agency Blog

The Book Deal
An Insider view of publishing.

Nathan Bradford
Literary Agent and Author, he has a plethora of resources on his website relating from query letters, to literary agents, to author resources and publishing updates.

Rant & Ramblings
Blog by Rachelle Gardner, literary agent, and her (helpful) rants and ramblings of life as a literary agent.