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when one of us rises, we all rise!

We know our voices have value.

We believe in ourselves and each other.

We make a difference in our lives through our words, our actions, and our writing.

Our goal is to see more female-driven stories and authors published, on bookshelves, and in theaters,

for the benefit of our tribe, ourselves, and our future generations.


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The Adventures of Iona Fay series, an Irish fairy tale for middle graders.



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Finishing Strong: Last Words in a Manuscript

Make the most of Black Friday by putting black ink on your pages!
I reached 50K words the night before Thanksgiving starting as NaNo Classic and finishing as a Rebel. Here’s how you can too.

Write into Confidence Course: Beta Writers Needed

Write into Confidence
Are you a beginner fiction, creative nonfiction, or screenwriter? Are you struggling with confidence?

NaNoWriMo: Writing Resources – Part 4

Some of Gayvin’s favorites writing resources when planning for NaNoWriMo or starting your own manuscript or script. XO

NaNoWriMo: Planning a Writing Schedule – Part 3

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NaNoWriMo: How to Sign Up – Part 2

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NaNoWriMo: World-Wide Writing Challenge – Part 1

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Chasing the Water: Whitewater Mermaids

We’re chasing the water again, this time in Salida, Colorado. During a girls weekend, where I’d known most of the people there since I was 5-years-old, we went river rafting and looking for water sprites. The mermaids had fun with us that day!


  • J’adore guacamole and crepes
  • Talks in character’s voices
  • Has 40+ stories planned, just needs enough sleep and time to write them all
  • Considers herself an intuitive writer traditionally trained, MFA and MA
  • Coached 2,000+ adult writers

Hi, I’m Gayvin!

And writing saved my life.

My fancy credentials will tell you I’m the author of The Adventure of Iona Fay series, (5 Stars on Amazon and 4.8 on GoodReads *pats myself on the back*), award-winning writer, writer of 60+ published magazine articles, coach of 2,000+ students and founder of Soul Sisters Write. Phew!

 But for me, writing isn’t just a career.

 It’s a Calling!

When my mom passed away in college, it turned my entire life upside down. I grieved in the only way I knew how — by writing any chance that I got. If I couldn’t connect with my mom here on Earth, at least I could connect with her through story.

I created The Adventures of Iona Fay fairytale series about a young Irish girl, who goes searching for her mom, only to discover that her mom has been lost to the Fairy World. Writing those books allowed me to share the very same lessons I’d learned from my mom growing up and healed me deeply in the process.

I knew I wanted to be a writer, but the reality of finding the time to do it WHILE working full-time, raising an autistic child and dealing with my pesky fibromyalgia barely gave me time to breathe, much less write.

Still, I wrote. I knew I had AT LEAST ONE STORY IN ME!




Woman spends $100,000 to learn writing from the best people in the industry. Woman is honored for her work. Woman toasts herself with a bubbly glass of champagne and rides off into the sunset.



Even though I’d learned all I could from the pros, the actual writing process was taking me waaaaaay too long. Like, two years for a book and six months for a script too long. And every second I spent writing instead of with my son gave me major, red-alert mom guilt.

That was just NOT going to work for me. I had to do something.

So, I developed my own writing method — one that was fast, focused, and fun. My timelines snapped back from two years down to a mere month, allowing me to push out 13 screenplays, 4 books, and 60+ magazine articles in the past years. Talk about being a speed demon! 

Now I’ve distilled my signature process down into a repeatable, step-by-step writing system women like you can use to tell their stories and finish their books.

I want to see as many women’s voices fill the book shelves and big screen as possible. I want to read your book and see your film!

When one female author rises, we all rise. Book by book. Film by film. Story by story. 

During this time of isolation, it’s more important than ever to write our stories. While we’re unable to travel, writing my last alternative historical fiction has been my greatest escape. Writing saves lives!

Join me and let’s make magic! 


 Gayvin is the guardian angel every writer needs. As Angela  Mayou   said —
“There is no greater agony that having an untold  story  inside you.” I had taught English and had an extraordinary real estate career. But my husband had died.  I needed to sow the seeds for another life adventure. Gayvin gave me all the step-by-step tools to do that in a gentle kind positive way. I can’t praise or thank her enough for support, direction, and practical instruction.

Patty McGuigan, Author of Leonardo and the Time Travelers

San Francisco, CA


I had the pleasure of attending one of Gayvin’s writing workshops. It was the most impactful writing workshop I have ever attended. She has a gift for diving into deep feelings with compassion and understanding, allowing me to open up with my writing in ways I have not experienced in years. It has been a few months since this workshop, I still find myself reflecting on that day and using the tools regularly.


Monterey, CA


She has been, in the years I’ve known her and worked with her, a very good writer and a very good reader.  Every one of your students would be lucky to be in a classroom she leads.

Dan Vining

Author, Screenwriter, & Prof. at UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA


I really like how the course is broken down into practical exercises that help generate story ideas. It was great for someone like me who doesn’t have a formal background in writing…I have never approached generating a story in this way and it was quite helpful. I especially enjoyed the brainstorming chart. For me, this was a great way to get some ideas out on paper in an organized way, and actually apply them toward writing a story I love…I learned why research is so important to the story! I had never thought of doing it like this, but it makes so much sense now!

Mei-Li R

San Francisco, CA


“I find her not only to be a person of uncommon grace and infectious enthusiasm but a writer who dives into every assignment with a creativity and energy you simply cannot teach – something all fine writers are born with. Her versatility and ability to tell a great story on deadlines and short notice makes Gayvin a true stalwart of the craft, someone we’ve come to count on at our magazines.”

Author of Son of the Game and editor for PineStraw magazine

Jim Dodson

NY Times Best Selling Author of Son of the Game and Editor for PineStraw magazine, Southern Pines, NC


“An impressive piece of writing to empower young women. It’s so important to give young women a role model no matter how mythological. I mean enough of the kings, soldiers, and prince charmings. Kudos to Ms. Powers a writer in my own community making great reads.”

Gabrielle Studenmund

Former Editor at Self Magazine, Southern Pines, NC


I bought the books for my daughters (ages 10 and 12), and they each read it in about two days–couldn’t put it down! My older daughter loved it because it has mystery and adventure. My younger daughter says it’s one of her favorite books and she can’t wait for the second one.

Carolyn Bruff

Mom of Two Teen Daughters






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