Jackie O.

of All Trades & Writing Guru

A go-to writer with a panache for finding the emotional hooks that engage readers, I write the gambit, from farm-to-table, to luxury brands, interviews, travel, fashion and beauty, home and lifestyle, education,  entertainment, start ups, technology, DIY, health & wellness and medical topics.

I like to let a story steep a little. People and characters are like tea, they get stronger with hot water. As a result, I’m always surprised to discover hidden gems  that rise to the surface while writing fiction, non-fiction, articles and scripts.

Let’s spill the tea. You’ll find me focused on the sweet spot where meaning, engagement and entertainment come together for readers. This is blended together with brand voice and return on investment (ROI) for employers. With an MFA in screenwriting and MA in creative writing, publishers have put 700+ of my articles in print and online.

These days, I write editorials, books, brand deliverables, scripts (features & shorts), campaigns, developmentally edit manuscripts, doctor scripts, teach courses and help businesses grow their brands.

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“I find her not only to be a person of uncommon grace and infectious enthusiasm but a writer who dives into every assignment with a creativity and energy you simply cannot teach – something all fine writers are born with. Her versatility and ability to tell a great story on deadlines and short notice makes Gayvin a true stalwart of the craft, someone we’ve come to count on at our magazines.”

Jim Dodson

NY Times Best Selling Author of Son of the Game and Editor for PineStraw magazine, Southern Pines, NC


She has been, in the years I’ve known her and worked with her, a very good writer and a very good reader.  Every one of your students would be lucky to be in a classroom she leads.

Dan Vining

Author, Screenwriter, & Prof. at UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA


I had the pleasure of attending one of Gayvin’s writing workshops. It was the most impactful writing workshop I have ever attended. She has a gift for diving into deep feelings with compassion and understanding, allowing me to open up with my writing in ways I have not experienced in years. It has been a few months since this workshop, I still find myself reflecting on that day and using the tools regularly.


Monterey, CA


 Gayvin is the guardian angel every writer needs. As Angela  Mayou said, “There is no greater agony that having an untold  story  inside you.” I had taught English and had an extraordinary real estate career. But my husband had died. I needed to sow the seeds for another life adventure. Gayvin gave me all the step-by-step tools to do that in a gentle kind positive way. I can’t praise or thank her enough for support, direction, and practical instruction.

Patty McGuigan, Author of Leonardo and the Time Travelers

San Francisco, CA


I really like how the course is broken down into practical exercises that help generate story ideas. It was great for someone like me who doesn’t have a formal background in writing…I have never approached generating a story in this way and it was quite helpful. I especially enjoyed the brainstorming chart. For me, this was a great way to get some ideas out on paper in an organized way, and actually apply them toward writing a story I love…I learned why research is so important to the story! I had never thought of doing it like this, but it makes so much sense now!

Mei-Li R

San Francisco, CA


I bought the books for my daughters (ages 10 and 12), and they each read it in about two days–couldn’t put it down! My older daughter loved it because it has mystery and adventure. My younger daughter says it’s one of her favorite books and she can’t wait for the second one.

Carolyn Bruff

Mom of Two Teen Daughters


“An impressive piece of writing to empower young women. It’s so important to give young women a role model no matter how mythological. I mean enough of the kings, soldiers, and prince charmings. Kudos to Ms. Powers a writer in my own community making great reads.”

Gabrielle Studenmund

Former Editor at Self Magazine, Southern Pines, NC