Course Includes:

  • Writer’s Revision 4-Week Masterclass

  • 4 LIVE Trainings

  • 4 Advanced Writing Videos (on advanced foundation, structure, world building, and character)

  • Workbook

  • 1  –  30-min. Private Meeting with Gayvin (only with Early Bird Special)

  • Write Into Confidence Workbook (only with Early Bird Special)

  • Bonus Material


Do you have a draft of your book?

Are you unsure how to tackle a rewrite?

Does a revision feel daunting or time consuming

Create a fun, focused, faster revision of your story!

If you’re like me, I used to dread rewriting. But, now I LOVE rewriting! It’s like playing. Rewriting became fun and effective once I created a system to edit my draft, making them more focused with each pass. And it allowed me to write the strongest version of story that I set out to create. You’ll learn my method of rewriting that makes editing fun and will take your drafts to the next level.

Level: All

Time: 4-weeks

Date Offered: Coming Soon

Cost: $749 (Early Bird Special: $247)


Do any of these questions sound like you? I want to write a book, but…

  •  I don’t know where to start?
  • I’m overwhelmed?
  • I don’t know how to write a story?
  • I tell myself I can’t do it?
  • basically, I don’t have the confidence.

If you saw yourself in any of those questions, then this intuitive, practical course is for you. This is a beginning writing course designed to show writers how to apply what they already know into creating stories.

Level: Beginner

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: Coming Soon

Cost: FREE with purchase of Writer’s Revision 4-Week Masterclass

Cost in 2022: Course available in spring, 2022 for $479.




Have you written a story and asked yourself…

  •  Why can’t I reach my desired ending?
  • Why is this overwhelming?
  • Why are my characters flat?
  • Why can’t I finish?
  • basically, this is no fun!

Those questions and more are addressed in this course, designed to create focused drafts while having fun. Writing isn’t a chore when you have enough tools to play and come up with the strongest choices possible for your story. Join me on me as I share my exclusive writing process on how I write fast and focused while having fun, leading me to shorten my writing time by 3-12 months.

Level: All

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: Coming Soon

Cost: $300



Do any of these questions sound like you? I want to write a script, but

  • I need help writing a script.
  • How do I format a script?
  • How do I structure a script?
  • I need flexibility.
  • basically, I need something fun, informative and low-pressure.

If you saw yourself in any of those comments, then this online course is for you. This is a beginning screenwriting course designed to show writers how to write a short script, kickstart a feature script, and understand screenwriting basics in 6 weeks. 

Level: Beginner

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: June 20 – July 18, 2021

Cost: $395 


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