A curated collection of screenplays, awards and films from Gayvin’s collected work.


Gayvin Powers, MFA, MA – Award-Winning Screenwriter & Educator

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Sample Film

1916 (short film)

  • Award-winning short film that was honored by the Ojai Film Society and presented by Larry Hagman.
  • It was the first time a writer won the award over a director and was unanimously voted the winner.
  • Played weekly at the American Film Institute for recruiting events.



“Life is either a daring adventure of nothing,” by Helen Keller is Gayvin’s favorite quote and that hero’s journey and approach to life can be seen in all of her writing, including scripts. To maximize exposure, all of Gayvin’s scripts are designed for adaptation into book format and visa versa. She is known for her authentic characters and making story choices that engage viewers into scripts that connect across genres, to the collective unconscious and to the archetypes within each of us.

Sample Feature Script

AT DAWN (feature film)

Inspired by 1916, At Dawn has been recognized at:

* Beverly Hills Film Festival  – Finalist – Screenplay

* Nichols Fellowship – Finished top 10% of scripts (out of 6,000+)

Click on At Dawn to download the first 10 pages of the script.


List of Scripts – Live Action

(*Award Winning or Recognized)

UNTITLED, energy and science documentary, in development, 2021

COURTESAN WITCHES, writer, feature (adapted from novel)

MAISY MATHIS, writer, feature

IONA FAY & THE FIRE KEEPERS, writer, feature (part 2 in series)

1920s, writer, tv script

IVIK, writer, feature script, in development

THERAPY, writer, tv spec script

CINDY CLAUS, writer, feature script

AT DAWN, writer, feature script*

IONA FAY, writer, feature, (part 1 in series. Adapted from novel receiving 5 stars on Amazon)

WHERE’S NORMA REINE, writer, tv spec script

YEATS, writer, feature script

GREEN, story editor, short film *

MERCY, writer, short film script

MUFFIN, writer, short film script

OUR HOME, writer, short film script

THE SKYE IN JUNE, co-writer, feature

TRINITY, writer, feature

ENDOWMENTproducer and co-writer, short video, Tech Museum of Innovation, 2000

THEODORE WORRES, producer, Triton Museum of Art, 1999 



  • NaNoWriMo, Writing Challenge, Winner, 2021
  • The Ken Smith Fiction Scholarship, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Winner, 2020
  • Program for Continuing Education, Philanthropic Education Organization, Recipient, 2020
  • Dr. Margaret N. Kelley Scholarship, University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Winner, 2020
  • Dedman Leadership, Graduate, 2016
  • Ojai Film Society Award Winner, 1916, Screenwriter, 2006
  • World Fest Houston Award, Green, Story Editor, Platinum Remi Award/Film, 2009
  • Beverly Hills Film Festival, At Dawn, Screenwriter Nominee, 2012
  • Nicholl Fellowship, At Dawn, Screenwriter Finalist (top 10% out of 6,000+ entries), 2011
  • ASC Awards, Green, Story Editor, Honorable Mention/Film, 2008