Are you ready to rock-n-roll? Do you have specific questions or need someone to create sessions that address your individual writing needs?

If so, the following packages can address your writing goals. Choose from…


  • Hourly Pearl:  1 – 60 minute session
  • Writer’s Bliss Package: 3 – 60 minute sessions
  • Champagne Package: 4 – 60 minute sessions monthly


  • Editorial Assessment: Review of story, includes notes and 30 minute review. This takes place early on. Usually after the first draft.
  • Developmental Edit: Review of story, includes notes and 30 minute review. This takes place after the writer has completed several revisions. This helps polish a manuscript close to the final draft.
  • Script Notes: Review the script, includes notes on structure, character, arcs, plot points, theme, pacing, formatting, and dialogue.

For writers, who need to know what coaching best suits them, a 15-minute consultation is available to assess those goals and needs.

Level: Beginner – Advanced

Time: 1-4 hours; One-Time to Monthly Packages

Date Offered: Click “I’m Ready” to View the Availability Schedule 



Do any of these questions sound like you? I want to write a book, but…

  •  I don’t know where to start?
  • I’m overwhelmed?
  • I don’t know how to write a story?
  • I tell myself I can’t do it?
  • basically, I don’t have the confidence.

If you saw yourself in any of those questions, then this FREE course is for you. This is a beginning writing course designed to show writers how to apply what they already know into creating stories.

Level: Beginner

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: Coming Soon

Cost: Free




Have you written a story and asked yourself…

  •  Why can’t I reach my desired ending?
  • Why is this overwhelming?
  • Why are my characters flat?
  • Why can’t I finish?
  • basically, this is no fun!

Those questions and more are addressed in this course, designed to create focused drafts while having fun. Writing isn’t a chore when you have enough tools to play and come up with the strongest choices possible for your story. Join me on me as I share my exclusive writing process on how I write fast and focused while having fun, leading me to shorten my writing time by 3-12 months.

Level: All

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: Coming Soon

Cost: $495



Have you written a draft and thought…

  • What are all these plot holes?
  • Why does my character arc looks like the Great Plains?
  • What happened in Act 2?
  • Why isn’t this the story I intended to write?
  • Basically, where do I start?

If you’re like me, I used to dread rewriting. But, now I LOVE rewriting! It’s like playing. Rewriting became fun and effective once I created a system to edit my draft, making them more focused with each pass. And it allowed me to write the strongest version of story that I set out to create. You’ll learn my method of rewriting that makes editing fun and will take your drafts to the next level.

Level: All

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: Coming Soon

Cost: $695



Do you want to write a script and asked yourself…

  • How do I start? 
  • I’m used to writing prose. How do I write like a screenwriter?
  • Why is this overwhelming?
  • How do I format a script?
  • I don’t know what I don’t know?
  • basically, this is no fun!

Those questions and more are addressed in this course, designed to create confident screenwriters. Writers leave the class with a short script and knowledge of screenwriting basics.

 “I enjoyed the course and really found learning the basics of screenwriting to be beneficial for me and my creative endeavors. I loved the examples and the feedback!! I would love to participate in any course offered by Gayvin!!” 

– Japorsche P., student of Intro to Screenwriting

Level: All

Time: 6-weeks

Date Offered: Offered one time per year. Coming in 2022

Cost: $495



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