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Holistic Healing Center

Art Director I Website Design I Copy Writer I Graphic Design  

Transcend with renowned ancient Chinese medicines, Hawaiian traditions and modern practices to transform dis-ease into ease.


  • Develop brand guidelines and apply to website for cohesive brand voice
  • Create a vibe that matches the “balance, awaken, empower” core values
  • Produce an easy to use website for clients
  • Hone the many offerings into simple, easy to shop options
  • Blend the vast knowledge of owner’s abilities into a comprehensive, engaging site focused on trust and solving pain point issues for clients
  • Bring the beautiful location of Kaua’i to the brand without it looking like a travel business or spa
  • Set up a booking option that allows Krista to have a personal touch with clients prior to booking
  • Utilize the brand kit to make an appealing, engaging website that matches the brand