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January 18 & 25, 2022

February  1 & 8, 2022

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You’ll finish this 6-week LIVE course transformed, have a clear idea of story telling basics, know how to start of a book, and tools to continue writing a draft.

You’ll finished this course with knowing how to start writing a book.

You’ll have a better understanding of how to write your story.

You’ll have more confidence writing.

You’ll have decades of writing craft techniques distilled into down-to-earth applications.

You’ll see how your life can be used in storytelling.

You’ll have a 30-min. private session with Gayvin (limited to Early Bird sign up).

You’ll save $500 (limited to Early Bird sign up).

Is the Online Course Flexible?

Yes! The course is flexible and writers can complete the writing when it works with their schedules. After the course, the modules will remain up. Students can refer back to exercises at a later date. 

What is Included?

Learn the basics of storytelling and writing a book. This type is writing is excellent training prior to completing a full length book. Throughout this course, you’ll learn key narrative elements to confidently start your book.

Week 1 – Protagonist:
This you’ll break down a protagonist and addressed why you make choices. By asking “Why” and finding the source of your decisions, it helps you understand not only yourself, but also future characters.

Week 2: Antagonist
This week you’ll break down character, address antagonists and delve into the shadow self!

It’s challenging. The more honest you are with yourself, the more you’ll understand character motivations and be able to write authentically.

You got this!

Week 3: Conflict
Conflict and drama are important parts of storytelling. They’re part of what keep readers (and audience) wanting more and puts them on an emotional rollercoaster. They make readers wonder what is going to happen next and how it’s going to end. This week you’ll dive into conflict in drama and see how this can be applied in a story.

Week 4 – Narrative Distance – Far
This week you wrote about a day in your life.
By doing this, you’ll be able to build upon the difference of journal writing and writing a story (fiction or non fiction). There are everyday experiences that will help you with storytelling. To start, you’ll be writing from far narrative distance. With practice, this will help you write more authentically.

Week 5: Twist
This week you’ll write about a twist in the story. Twists heighten conflict, drama, and tension.

Week 6: Story Time
This week you’ll rewrite your short story, addressing narrative structure while combine the twist with narrative distances.


Enjoy the bonus material that will help you REFLCT on what you created and show you your NEXT STEPS.

When does it Start?

The course begins Monday, January 18, 2022. 


Each week a new module will be released on a Monday. Courses are released on:

Monday, January 18

Monday, January 25

Monday, February 1

Monday, February 8

For students who purchased the Early Bird Special, they get the Write into Confidence with their purchase. They can dive into craft essentials that help will help in their revision.


How Much does it Cost?

Early Bird Special – $249

Until 12/31/22

Includes the course, 30-minute private meeting with Gayvin.


Registration – $749

Until 1/17/22

Includes the course.

She has been, in the years I’ve known her and worked with her, a very good writer and a very good reader.  Every one of your students would be lucky to be in a classroom she leads.

Dan Vining

Author, Screenwriter, & Prof. at UCLA Extension, Los Angeles, CA

I had the pleasure of attending one of Gayvin’s writing workshops. It was the most impactful writing workshop I have ever attended. She has a gift for diving into deep feelings with compassion and understanding, allowing me to open up with my writing in ways I have not experienced in years. It has been a few months since this workshop, I still find myself reflecting on that day and using the tools regularly.


Monterey, CA

“I find her not only to be a person of uncommon grace and infectious enthusiasm but a writer who dives into every assignment with a creativity and energy you simply cannot teach – something all fine writers are born with. Her versatility and ability to tell a great story on deadlines and short notice makes Gayvin a true stalwart of the craft, someone we’ve come to count on at our magazines.”

Jim Dodson

NY Times Best Selling Author of Son of the Game and Editor for PineStraw magazine, Southern Pines, NC

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