Book Fairy: Special Deliver #1

Book Fairy: Special Deliver #1

There is a wonderful phenomena happening around the world…Book Fairies!

If you’re fortunate enough to stumble along the magical path of one of these inspiring, sublime creatures, you’ll get to relish in reading a book gifted to you by the fairy. I know! Cool, huh?

I think so too. That’s why I got together with some of my magical friends, and while we were on our book tour, we decided to help the fairies out.

This little library in Helena-West Helena, Arkansas was the first place that our book fairy waved her magic wand and deposited a autographed copy of Iona Fay: An Irish Fairy Tale.

If you’re in the area, you may be able to read the signed first edition copy.

Hint: Don’t idle with a large Airstream in front of the library, it seems that it makes the locals jumpy. But not the librarians. Nice as can be, and welcoming to anyone who wants to come in and read!

Aoife the Airstream Named

Aoife the Airstream Named

Congratulations to Kristina Marie, who submitted the winning entry for her daughter, Kate!

The new name of the Airstream is “Aoife Aeir Annon!” In Gaelic, it means, “Celtic female warrior Air Stream.” I love the strong, Celtic words along with how it not only reflects the glamper but also The Adventure of Iona Fay series!

Kristina will be sent the Iona Fay crystal necklace found on page 10 in Iona Fay: An Irish Fairy Tale. Enjoy!

Thank you everyone who participated! I was hard to choose a winner. Everyone of the suggestions were so creative, and I loved reading all of them.

In the words of Rachel, we’re still on our “Fay-cation!” Wendy Farrell Stay with us, have fun and join the journey!