Iona Fay Book Tour

Iona Fay Book Tour

Did you know that Iona Fay went on a book tour across the United States, starting on the East Coast and ending on the West Coast in 2017?

Gayvin reads Iona Fay bedtime stories

Many of you followed us across the United States in Aoife the Airsteam. For those of you who missed it, I’m moving those blog posts over here.

We kicked off the weekend with a trip to Joran Lake in North Carolina. While there, we went boating, paddle boarding and read from Iona Fay, book 1.

For more photos of the journey, check out the AdventuresOfIonaFay Instagram account, where you can see the fantastic trip as it unveils itself this summer. (If anyone has connections at Instagram, please let me know. I’ve since been cut out of this account. Thanks!)

Thanks to Kim, Dana, Nora, Tom, Sheena, Gay, Erin, Koury and Jack for making the launch day a memorable weekend!!!

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